Personal Financial Planning

We believe your Financial Wellbeing affects every aspect of your life.


Your financial circumstances can impact your physical health, relationships, career, and even the way you raise your children.

Something always seems to come up. The brakes are worn out, the kids teeth are crooked, car insurance is due, etc....that last bit of money always seems to get eaten up. Or, perhaps, you just keep putting off saving, thinking you have plenty of time. 

No matter what your reasons for not saving, there are ways to save money while keeping up with life's everyday expenses -  and those curve balls that may occassionally come flying your way.

Your Confidence.

Not feeling confident about your future financial security, be it next week or twenty years from now, adds an extra layer of stress you probably don't need.

After nearly 30 years of working with and helping people, we realize that financial planning involves much more than investing and growing your money. It also means helping you manage and conquer every day situations and issues with minimal stress.

It means giving you confidence. 

Depending on where you are, this may require your willingness to work and learn. This is where we distinguish ourselves from other financial planners and advisors. We do so much more than send you quarterly statements. We talk with you throughout the year, one on one, giving you the tools and guidance to make sound decisions.   

How we (you and us) get you there. have to start. Sounds simple, doesn't it? But we understand it can be a bit more complicated than it sounds. 

For a variety of reasons, making that decision, picking up the phone, and all that comes with it can be difficult. We understand that, which is why we make it as easy as possible for you.

We work with you on your terms, on your schedule, to help you get past whatever may be in the way of you securing your financial wellbeing. And one other thing, we're human too. The nice kind.

Once you take that first step, we get to work. You tell us what is important to you. We listen.

Then we create an investment plan for you, based on your life and your ambitions. One that acheives your current goals, but is flexible enough to change with you as you navigate your life.

We make sure that your plan is working at its highest possible potential for you. If it isn't, we make the necessary adjustments to meet your needs.

Our Philosopy -  (and the technical stuff).

Nearly all investments involve risk; and risk is the focal point of our philosophy. We realize that you are entrusting us with your money, and we take this very seriously. So how do we manage the risk associated with investing and growing your money?

We respect it.

We employ an intensive and thorough regimine when considering your investments, only selecting companies meeting our quantitative screening metrics. We carefully examine the fundamental relationships of cash flows, dividends, invested capital and price. By investing in companies acheiving superior cash flows on invested capital, our goal is to provide you with long-term, risk adjusted equity returns. 

Your Money.

Your portfolio will be held by a custodian chosen by you. Your investment accounts will be in your name and accessible only by you. This means your money is available to you when you need it, with no lock-up periods, gates, etc.

We look at you individually and carefully consider your specific circumstances. We take extreme care to mitigate your risk and keep you informed and educated regarding your investments.

We are not like the Big Guys.

Brokers/dealers are required only to believe their recommendations are suitable. We on the other hand, are bound by a fiduciary standard requiring us to put you first.

As a smaller, more nimble firm, we are able to provide tailored portfolio management strategies to suit your individual needs. The size of your account has no bearing on our level of service or attention to you. We are available to talk when you need us.

We are cognizant of transactions that can potentially trigger tax events, and make sure you are fully aware of the consequences before changing your position.

You won't see any fine print at the end of this page telling you that we are not responsible for, nor do we render any tax advise.

Just the opposite - for every substantial transaction affecting your portfolio, we consider and estimate the tax impact on you, so you don't get any nasty surprises in April.

Let us help you get FINANCIALLY HEALTHY. Give us a call or send us a message below.

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